Ithuseng Credit Solutions

Employer Assisted Programs

Debt Management Workshops

Having credit literate staff is a huge benefit to your company.

Attachment Order Audits

We help you address staff attachment and garnishee orders.

Employee Credit Disputes

Aiding staff with court orders and mediating with creditors.

Employee Credit Health

We assess your employee's credit health and supply reports.

Tailored Staff Debt Intervention Solutions

How we help

Reducing the impact of indebtedness on employee motivation and productivity, improving affordability for housing subsidies, or improving the awareness, knowledge, and skills of employees.

Debt Management Workshops

Debt management is a very important first step to taking back control of finances but also the general morale of staff.

Garnishee Order Resolution

Garnishee orders can leave many employees out of pocket. We assess and challenge garnishee orders that may not be legal.

Credit Health Assessment

The outcomes of the employee Credit Health Assessment, Fitness Coaching & Mediation sessions will be presented to SERVICES SETA in an agreed report format.

Credit Health Reporting

The outcomes of the employee Credit Health Assessment, Fitness Coaching & Mediation sessions will be presented to SERVICES SETA in an agreed report format.

Employee Credit Disputes

If your employees have disputes or suspect fraudulent activity with any creditors our consultants can mediate and resolve disputes on their behalf.

Rehabilitate Employees

Our consultants can assist employees with a rehabilitation plan in order to qualify for housing and vehicle finance

Reckless Lending or Prescribed Debt

We challenge reckless lending and the collection of prescribed debt with creditors to allow for these debts to be written off and removed from profile.

Employer Benefits

Our services become an extended service provided by HR without increasing headcount. 

Employee Benefits

Staff that are already distressed by their circumstances, value feeling cared for – not just another number.

Approved Systems

Ithuseng currently uses two case management systems to ensure that cases are received, recorded, and managed properly.

Simplicity Debt Counselling System

The National Credit Regulator requires Debt Counsellors to use a system to manage Debt Counselling cases and distribute funds through registered Payment Distribution Agents. A detailed explanation of the report is provided to the employee as well as advice of how to fix any identified problems.

The NRC Helpline

The Helpline has a shared call number and operates from the AVAYA call centre system with special features like call recording and teleconference facilities to assist with three-way engagement between creditors and the consumer.  This team also provides follow-up and other administrative functions to support the Adjudicators. 


Most frequent questions and answers

A credit health assessment evaluates your credit report and household budget to manage debt and resolve deductions. Understanding your credit health is crucial for a healthy, credit-active lifestyle. This journey focuses on personalized interventions to improve financial fitness, maintain credit health, and resolve issues on your payslip or bank report.

  • your credit bureau report which the ICS will get for your after you give approval;
  • your pay slip to identify any problematic deductions;
  • 3 month bank statement to identify how and on what you spend your money; and
  • Your household budget based on information you provide to us.

Doing an assessment will help you with the following:

  • Resolve disputed, illegal and unaffordable Garnishee Orders;
  • Understand all the information contained in your credit bureau report and get advise on how to dispute incorrect or fraudulent information as well as how to deal with judgments and adverse information(Blacklisting)
  • Understand how to manage your income and expenses.
  • Understand how credit works and how to manage your debts;
  • Improve your affordability to qualify for housing and car finance;

All information will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to other people or your employer only if you give permission.

ICS will do the following:

  1. Obtain consumer’s consent prior to obtaining the credit report
  2. Use the information for legal purposes
  3. Protect confidential information
  4. Justify the use of the information
  5. Keep record of all credit bureau reports requested including the reason and the reference number;
  6. Destroy the information after 5 years from the date the matter was finalised


Help your employees get rid of the burden of debt.