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Are you over-indebted?

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Monthly nett income (R)*

Your “nett income” is what is paid regularly into your bank account on a monthly basis. like a salary for example.

Nett Income:

Monthly living expenses (R)*

The money that has to be spent on food, housing, clothes, transport etc.

Groceries and Clothing
Home Rental or Bond
Utilities (W&E), rates, levies
Fuel and transport
Medical costs
Telephone & internet

Other monthly income (R)

Income from activities other than normal business operations, such as investment interest, foreign exchange gains, rent income etc.

Other Income:

Monthly credit provider repayments (R)*

A credit facility is a type of loan, including retail credit accounts. Complete at least one of the below fields.

Home loans
Vehicle finance
Credit cards
Furniture accounts
Store cards
Personal loans

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