Employer Services

South Africa has more than 20 million credit active consumers. Half of them are experiencing some form of financial hardship leading to an inability to service debt and meet daily essential living expenses.

Specific consequences of debt stress for individuals and households are:

  1. Reduced standards of living, social stigma and exclusion;
  2. Deterioration in health and relationship breakdown;
  3. Financial exclusion, house repossession, eviction or utility disconnection; and
  4. Reduced productivity, personality disorders and suicide.


The probability of every employer’s workforce being affected is high!

The ICS aims to reduce the negative impact created by over indebtedness, through both preventative measures (proactive-) and aftercare (reactive-) interventions.   Some of our services for employers include:


Employee Credit Shape Assessment

The Credit Shape of each employee is determined through a financial situational assessment combined with a credit bureau check. The outcome is reported on using a 5 status rankings which plots the individual employee’s credit standing from a sad face (poor) to a big smiley face (excellent).  Each category requires a different intervention.

The ultimate goal is to enable all employees to know their credit shape and put in place an ICS assisted debt rehabilitation action plan of a short, medium and long term basis. Those who are in good credit shape are provided with information and strategies to retain this positive status through the ICS Credit Helpline.


Employer emolument attachment order assessment

Assess the validity and affordability of current emolument attachments focusing on determining affordability and where required amending the order; reporting illegal orders and facilitate rescission or other remedies; and providing guidance and feedback to management.


Financial Hardship and Money Management

The ICS can provide employers with facilitated interactive workshops of varied sizes or alternatively the content to include with existing training modules and programmes.


Mediated Solutions

Where employees require debt restructuring of dispute mediation, employers can select the level of involvement they are prepared to commit to. These range from providing fully paid to employee paid mediation assistance. The programme can be tailor made to meet the needs of the Employer.