Benefits to the Employers:

  • Responsible and caring employers assist employees in distress.
  • Responsive to Government concerns regarding impact of over indebtedness.
  • Builds and fosters trust relationships between employer and employee.
  • Provide a value adding service at a reduced rate to employees.
  • The ICS services become an extended service provided by HR without increasing headcount.
  • Reduced employee stress levels lead to:
    • increased productivity;
    • less time off work;
    • reduced incidents of fraud or corruption


Benefits to the Employee:

  • Reduced levels of frustration as there is hope of finding a solution.
  • Feeling cared for – not just another number.
  • Increased financial awareness and ability to make informed decisions.
  • The ability to deal with their debt stress better than before by taking action.
  • Better understanding and awareness of rights and responsibilities.
  • Unlimited access to information and guidance for free.