About Us

Ithuseng Credit Solutions(ICS) is a registered PTY Ltd company which is 100% female owned and that is classified as an EME In terms of the BEE Codes.  It has been in existence since 2009 and has worked with large and small employers, government entities and large media houses in educating consumers about credit and providing debt management solutions.

Ithuseng is a registered Alternative Dispute Resolution Agent with the National Credit Regulator (registration number NCRADRA1 or ADR01) and also has two resident registered Debt Counsellors. These registrations empower ICS to provide a full range of solutions. Ithuseng also has a partnership with a Certified Financial Planner to ensure that employees receive the correct advice with regards to managing and investing their finances.


Our Objectives and Guiding Principles

Ithuseng prides itself in the excellent and transparent services that it is able to provide to its clients. In our day to day operations we are guided by the following Objectives and Values:

  • To empower consumers with information and advice on managing credit and over indebtedness through the National Responsible Credit Helpline;
  • To provide effective debt relief solutions to consumers who are experiencing financial hardship, are behind with their repayments, are under threat of legal action or who have debt related disputes with their credit providers or debt collectors;
  • To assist employers to implement effective and lasting programs to manage over indebtedness in the workplace, assist employees to fully understand their credit status, empower them to develop and implement an Ithuseng assisted rehabilitation plan;
  • To subscribe to and practice the values of responsible conduct, fairness, independence, trustworthiness, and empathy.


Our highly qualified and experienced team of debt counselling, mediation and training experts are there to assist you to assess your financial situation and with your consent tailor a suitable solution. If you are struggling to repay your debts, we can assist you with explaining the various legal and alternative debt management solutions, with the aim of identifying one that suits your particular situation.

Not only do we provide help where needed, we also provide self-help tools for consumers to use when assessing their financial situation so that where possible and through proper budgeting and lifestyle changes, they can rehabilitate themselves.

We provide independent solutions that are aimed at assisting you to become debt free or manage your debt properly. We also offer consumers general advice on all credit related matters, which includes referrals to appropriate assistance channels where the ICS does not have jurisdiction.


Our Vision

To empower individuals to become responsible consumers of credit.


Our Mission

To create healthy credit consumers in South Africa through effective and cost efficient debt management and restructuring solutions, with integrity in an innovative, responsible, fair, independent trustworthy and empathetic manner.


Our Values

  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Fair
  • Integrity
  • Independent
  • Trustworthy
  • Empathetic