Helping Consumers to Help Themselves

The consumer came to Ithuseng Credit Solutions in March 2014 to seek assistance regarding his home loan which was in arrears by R49 750. His monthly installment was R8399.  He received notice that the bank would seek judgment with the intention to attach and auction his house and sought assistance from his attorneys.  They told him that they can’t take on the banks as they have strong legal teams and they also wanted a huge upfront fee to help him.

He tried to engage with his bank regarding this situation and he was taken from pillar to post regarding the status of his account which made him panic. He advised his bank that he missed payments because he lost his job and the bank offered to assist him with freezing the account for 3 months. This would be okay if he could find a job within three months but this did not happen.  His partner made some payments to contribute toward the bond while he was unemployed.

For a small fee the ICS gave the consumer advice on:

  • The process to follow to prevent the attachment of his property;
  • His rights and responsibilities;
  • Guidance on how to structure an offer to the bank to stop the legal action; and
  • The right people to contact within the bank.


The consumer followed our advice. The bank restructured his account and stopped the legal action.